I am an Intuitive Medium and Spiritual Teacher for Awakening Women who are called to follow an inward journey of self-expression and healing in order to live sovereign, magical lives that heal the planet. 

Sacred Tattoo_Marish-18.png

I've spent 27 years of practice integrating wholeness and aspects of my shadow self to bring forth abilities that were transferred to me from far off in the cosmos. 

I've shed so many layers of societal and patriarchal programming that prevented me from stepping into my divine, unified self. 

At my lowest points, I've experienced debilitating anxiety, depression, and mental illness that nearly cost me my life. 

It took the courage to be vulnerable, within a bleeding earthly plane that equates feminine subtlety to weakness, to help me transcend my fear of death. 

I made the declaration to look my unworthiness straight in the eye with ferocity, and relinquished all consent to my agreements in the Maya Matrix. 

With support from my celestial crew, I hold space for aspiring, committed spiritual teachers to claim their own worthiness and manifest the seed of divinity that is placed within. 

If this is you, learn more about how we can catalyze your growth through the offering that best suits your needs here.